Michel Canetti is a Paris born artist and advertising illustrator who has produced editorial illustrations for Elle and Vogue

Michel Canetti’s illustrations have smooth, flowing lines and curves that epitomise Parisian chic; stylish silhouettes that celebrate line and movement revealing in the female form. The work is polished and classic, yet modern and sassy. Similar to the traditional art of calligraphy, his work requires a delicate balance between creativity and control: flowing, rounded curves and sharp, sophisticated detail- Painting in Watercolour and gouache allows Canetti to execute the spontaneous disciplined lines to show the movement of the body and fabrics.

His works have been exhibited in private galleries around the world- including France, Germany, Austria and Australia.

He has a prestigious list of former clients including Diana Ferrari, Air France, Renault, Guerlain, Chanel, Givenchy, De Beers,

In his paintings, Michel continues to explore the elegant curves of the female form, in his instantly recognisable signature style. That’s what gives these paintings longevity.

His focus is most often a female face, conveyed with loose gestures that hint at moments of intimacy and passion. With his painterly approach, he manages to be both versatile and immediately recognisable.