Ultra Matte (BK) – 85x100cm

Concrete, Polymer, Gel
-custom dimensions available


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Henryk Lobaczewski channels his creative energy into painting contemporary abstract works, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors, thick layers of paint, and textured brushstrokes.

His art is characterized by its bold and vibrant hues, reflecting his intuitive approach to his craft. He finds much of his inspiration in the tones and colors found within the pages of fashion magazines. The moment of creation itself is where the magic happens, with only the colors being predetermined.
Currently, Henryk’s collection of artwork focuses on exploring balance, the weight of texture, and the limitless possibilities of color.

“My works are immersive and textural made from a blend of concrete and polymer, or gels on canvas, using a mass of product, capturing the essence of the creative process. They are intense and raw, with a gestural abstraction. Normally In visceral colours.

The process is one of intense focus and rapid decision-making, inviting the unknown into each piece and allowing the subtleties between the final outcome and the choices made in the moment. The texture of my sculptures is created through brutal, quick decisions on stroke and tools, resulting in works that are as in-the-moment as they are eternal, hanging on a wall.”