Teapot on Orange (Family Silver)- 153x103cm

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Original Artwork
Oil on Canvas
signed on reverso

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Marisha Matthews
Australian Artist

Marisha Matthews is a South Australian based visual artist, working mostly in oils. Her practice draws attention to the fall of light on objects, transparency, surface and reflection. Her application of paint is both painterly and textured. Her subjects are lush and rich creations from everyday life; fruit, flowers, glass and silver objects but also the ordinary – succulent plants, a silver bucket, a broom, a lunch box, are all treated generously with paint revealing otherworldliness and luminance.

Since graduating from Adelaide Central School of Art with Honours in 2019, Marisha has completed a year-long residency at Pembroke School, in The Balnaves Enterprise Hub. She has collaborated with Debra Nangala Mcdonald, painting together a series called Two Women Dreaming. During 2020 Marisha completed a major commission for the Botanica Apartments, Glenside featuring magnolia flowers and local foliage in eight panels.
Her explorations are exciting, innovative and tastefully presented for the viewer to enjoy the experience of seeing such exciting works. She brings to her work a knowledge of extensive travel, qualification and experience. Having travelled extensively overseas and completed her Honours Batchelor of Visual Art, stand her in good stead for a very successful future.Marisha is a talented creative person who has worked in film / art departments for over 25 years, creating a volume of artwork for hotels, resorts, creating feature art works for residential or commercial interiors. Her large works are bold, decorative in shape, form texture and thus appeal strongly to our senses. Marisha has been painting since early childhood and continues to enjoy her experiences. She is a talented hard working artist with a great CV that will stand her in good stead as a professional artist.