River Walks by Night – 153x122cm

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Original Artwork
Acrylic, enamel & oil painting

canvas painting
stretched – ready to hang


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Alison Mooney 
Australian Artist

With her expansive, bright and energetic work, Alison Mooney is the artists artist.  Mooney’s art embodies life synergies, expressed with influences drawn from attitudes of graffiti, activism and sugar pop. A little-known feature of her deceptively decisive abstractions is the incredible amount of time that is invested in each piece, with many involving up to thirty individual layers before finality.

Mooney’s creative process is an intuitive one, that explores the relationship between colour and energy. Using a combination of media including aerosol and oils, she allows the colour blends that appear on the canvas to dictate, as they interact, combine and repel each other to dramatic effect. This technique, coupled with Mooney’s keen eye for dimension, line and form, infuses each piece with the ability to evoke movement and a higher vibration within the space that houses it.