Modern Figurative Artworks

the aesthetic of the arrangement – visually pleasing modern painting that look great in any room.

The human figure has also been central to art for thousands of years and fundamental to the art of the renaissance. figurative painting or portraiture refers to any representation of a human figure. More strictly defined in the Western tradition, portraiture has sought to capture the likeness, character, and/or status of a specific individual. Figurative and impressionist paintings can be used to tell stories, express beliefs, or to explore what it is to be human.

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A collection of figurative paintings from our favourite Australian artists. 

Discover figurative mixed medium artworks from SOHO galleries featured artists: Andrew Bartosz, Marisha Mathews, Ross Wilsmore & Onela Keal.

Explore our collection of figurative paintings, canvas and architectural artworks from exciting Australian artists through our online gallery.

All artists are all active and painting regularly, if there is a piece you have viewed and it indicates SOLD or you are interested in a work at a different scale please enquire as we will be able to assist you with sourcing a similar artwork or start a conversation around commissioning a unique piece just for you.