MOONEY, Alison
MOONEY, Alison
Alison Mooney is an Australian artist based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Her art is energetic, a cartwheel of sorts moving across the surface – colours against colours, textures against different textures.

But her practice is a slow and meditative one. Each piece can have as many as 30 layers before resolution. One decision leads to the next and so on … a slow unfolding.

Her current enquiries explore energy, vibrations and their relationship to colour. Alison manoeuvres paint, and the canvas itself as she explores the physical presence a painting can have, in her decisions. How do all these choices influence the energy of the work? And then, how does the work affect the space around it?

As colours hum against colours, or clash in vibrant collide, Alison negotiates these interactions towards a resolved piece that generates an energy of its own.