Newtown – 84x107cm

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Original Artwork
Newtown – 84x107cm

Enamel & Oil on canvas
stretched, ready to hang.


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Ross Tamlin
Australian Artist

Ross Tamlin is a corrugated signage art specialist from Australia. He was born in Herne Bay, Auckland Harbor, NZ in 1958. Creativity is in his genes. Ross’ father was very good at drawing, a talent he picked up from his mother. Ross’ mother was a gifted opera singer although she did not pursue a professional career. Her mother had starred in the film Broken Barrier, the first major movie to be made in NZ since the end of WW2.

Ross Tamlin’s’ family then moved to a new subdivision on a peninsula in the western suburbs of Auckland. Life in the suburbs was going to school, lots of swimming in the holidays and developing a talent for drawing. He became engrossed in drawing everything and anything; copying anatomical drawings as he thought he might be a doctor and lots of boats and ships as his grandfather served in the Royal Navy and he would take him to see the visiting sailing ships. Being able to draw made him popular with the other pupils and put him in good stead with the teachers. Soon, he was winning art competitions and exhibiting in the school fetes and local junior exhibitions. At the age of 7 tragedy struck when his father died. Ross Tamlin’s world changed forever, his childhood sense of security was gone but his one constant was being good at art which got him the grades to get his School Certificate and University Entrance.