Holy Kiss – 1.7m

Bronze Sculpture
Limited edition sculpture – A/P

Australian sculpture
-Collaborative sculpture from mother & son sculptors
Larissa Smagarinksy & Michael Vaynman

Abstracted female figurative sculpture

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Larissa Smagarinsky
Australian Artist

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources—be it the pages of the Bible, echoes from ancient history, resonances of modern events, or the depths of human emotions—Larissa Smagarinsky’s work resonates with multifaceted themes. Central to her artistic exploration is the human body, whether in serene repose or dynamic motion. Movement, especially in the context of dance, captivates her imagination, resulting in sculpture that exude life and energy.

Additionally, Smagarinsky’s oeuvre delves into the complexities of love, spanning the spectrum from the highly sensual to the tender bonds of maternal and filial affection. Her art narrates stories of love derived from mythology, intertwining seamlessly with contemporary expressions. Through her sculptures, she immortalizes these diverse facets of love, offering viewers a poetic glimpse into the timeless and universal essence of human emotion.

To me it is very important to leave something worthy behind, A mark in the world. We are living Ideas, thoughts and creations—where you are at your best.