Witness – 77cm

Fabricated steel sculpture
welded nuts, sealed coating


unique 1/1 sculpture



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Emad Dhahir combines technical control and artistic vision to capture the human form in steel. The main sources if inspiration for my body of sculptural work comes from the mythology of my own culture.-the ancient Mesopotamia which are blended with rituals of my daily life, my dreams and memories. I borrow the beauty from formal and aesthetic qualities of old ancient sculptures as well as the languages and forms of of modern sculpture such as those of Giacometti, transforming them into a new contemporary language,and spicing them with an Iraqi style. Inspired and influenced by Spanish sculptors Manuel Marti Moreno and Juame Plensa who utilise steel nuts and iron in their large scale works.
This style often contains and interprets serious subject matter in form and content which provide to my sculptures different humanistic and aesthetic qualities. While facing these small sized sculptures the viewer should comprehend that they are a creative and playful foundation for bigger sculptural projects waiting to be created for public space.