Dear Hart – 2.2m

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Clancy Warner,

We the people: Dear Heart is a sentinel; a protector of the earth, warrior of the land. The animal and warrior is within us all, whether it is our totem or part of our spirit or soul. The hole inside Dear Heart is a metaphor of translucence; it lets us see through and reflect upon our environment and on the self.

The earth is out of balance, and because of human neglect it is dying at a rapid rate, it is up to us to be the protectors of the lands; the warriors of the earth.
I often work with re-claimed materials, including wood from old jetty pylons and railway sleepers, steel piping discarded on farms and shipyards and re- claimed bronze that has been re-melted into ingots.Using re-claimed materials wherever possible helps reduce the impact on the environment by utilizing both human and industrial waste.

We have become a throw away society and mass consumption is adding to the earths decline.