WARNER, Clancy

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WARNER, Clancy

Clancy Warner

My art practice is split between the art that I am torn to make and the art that is a joy to make.
I have a passion for animals, so critters have a tendency to pop out every now and then and i am the conduit that brings them to life. They are the joy.

The art that I am torn to make has a political and social justice edge to it. It is work that starts off as an idea that niggles at me until i transfer that idea into a sculpture. These sculptures are the representations of what I experience, see and feel of the world.


Clancy Warner was born in Orange NSW, but spent most of her childhood living on the Hawkesbury River. She began her artistic career as a tattoo artist in Sydney during the early 1990s. In 1993 she moved to the United States, where she owned and operated her own tattoo studio.

In 2005 Clancy returned to Australia and settled in Adelaide. In 2011 she officially retired from a 20+ year career in tattooing and began studying at Adelaide College of the Arts, where she discoved her passion for sculpture. Clancy graduated in November 2013 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design.

Since graduating she has received numerous awards, installed pubic artworks and had her work purchased by some of South Australia’s most prominent collectors. She creates her sculptures mostly from re-claimed and sustainable materials such as wood, steel and bronze to help reduce her impact on the enviroment.

Clancy will be presenting her exhibition, Of Milk and Honey, at FERMENT the FESTIVAL.