Ancient & Timeless – 200x150cm

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Original Artwork
Acrylic on Canvas
200x150cm (diptych)
100x150cm each canvas

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Julie Simmons 
Australian Artist

Julie Simmons has a rich background in the arts, with experience as a commercial artist, detail draughtsperson, and even as a successful studio potter. In 2004, she returned to her true passion for painting and quickly gained recognition and awards for her exceptional techniques. While Julie works with various mediums, it is watercolour that truly ignites her creativity. She finds inspiration in painting outdoors, capturing the essence of shape and tone. This approach allows Julie to simplify her subjects while maintaining a sense of depth. Recently, she has also explored multi-media and expressive watercolour techniques on canvas, resulting in paintings that are both translucent and complex. Julie’s talent and dedication have earned her numerous awards and a coveted place in important art collections throughout Australia. As an associate member of the Royal Art Society, she continues to make a significant impact in the art world.