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Transition & Legacy

Contemporary Bronze Sculpture

Artists:  Larissa Smagarinsky & Michael Vaynman

Hosted in Woollahra at Soho Galleries, this captivating exhibition showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of established artists, Michael Vaynman and Larissa Smagarinsky who have united to celebrate the beauty of bronze. 

Observe the synergy between traditional and contemporary art forms, embodied in the shimmering warmth of bronze. This talented Mother & Son Duo will be displaying over 30 sculptural works, each piece a testament to their passion and dedication.

The opening of this exhibition is set for Saturday, 4th of November, and you won’t want to miss it. It’s a celebration of artistry that promises to leave you inspired and enchanted. Join us in exploring the world of bronze sculpture at Soho Galleries in Woollahra.


Exhibition Runs November  4-17

SOHO Galleries
150 Edgecliff rd – Woollahra

046 000 9991

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“I create sculpture that explores notions of beauty, the sublime, and that indefinable poetic nature of the human condition. My interest is in the synthesis of geometries with organic forms such as the human figure. The structure of my work lies in the interplay of line and shape and how that relates to the entirety of the whole form. The main intention of my art is to bring quiet contemplation to the mind and involve the person in the aesthetic experience”.       Michael Vaynman