Hawkesbury Chimera – 152x76cm

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Oil on Canvas
Original Artwork

152×76 cm

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Visual artist, Philip Stallard’s abstractions shimmer in a beautiful balance between vibrant naivety and careful geometric composition.


Describing himself as an “Emotional Abstractionist”, Phil Stallard dedicates himself to creating exuberantly coloured paintings with Sydney centric iconography. The theme of water has been a prominent reference point for Phil, of which he further draws upon personal memories of Sydney and the Hawkesbury. With an aptitude to push the genre of landscape painting through an interplay between abstraction and realism, Philip’s strength is found in the ability to balance spontaneous painterly marks with careful consideration for geometric compositions. There exists a playful element to each work, whether it be the strength in colour that radiates excitement or the presence of circles, hearts and numbers, which offer a sense of humanness to each piece.