Hammock – 85x32cm [6/25]

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Zygmunt Libucha

It’s 30 years since my son and I came to Australia. We didn’t arrive here barefoot, but I did need help and was amazed to discover how generous this country was.
We landed in the country on a Saturday and were taken to Villawood migrant centre. I couldn’t wait to start a new life. Having been a successful silversmith in Poland, I went to look for work on Monday. On Tuesday I was working for myself at a bench in a jeweler’s workshop, rent-free – the ultimate act of goodwill. I found an untapped market for quality Australiana and sold my work all over the country.

Working for many years as a silversmith I developed a great need for details and even now when I sculpt on a larger scale I cannot divorce myself from it. Although the amount of time I spend on each sculpture increases enormously, the more it takes the better. I guess I want to enjoy every piece of stone