Eternal Limerance -150x150cm

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Eternal Limerance
Original Artwork

Ink, Watercolour, Acrylic
Enamel, Spray paint on Canvas
Stretched – Ready to Hang

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Painting is my way to see past chaos, to make my world simple and kind and beautiful.
I transform creative chaos into calm with a signature artistic style focused on emotional richness and natural simplicity.

I found my current style by painting white into a ruined canvas. As I stroked the brush across the collision of colours, it truly felt like I was digging out treasure. With every splash of white, a kind of elemental alchemy formed, conjuring organic, precious forms of colour and beauty. My creative process is never planned, its intuitive, about the moment, discovery and chance. The media I use gives me limited control, allowing the painting to ‘grow’ itself organically. Still, I feel the need to bring a sense of order. Eliminating areas that feel distracting or unnecessary has become one of the most important aspects of my creative process. Harnessing the Japanese concept of “Ma” (間), meaning ‘interval’ or ‘the space between’, I use white space to bridge chaos and calm, paring the work down to its simplest form, without losing its beauty and meaning. This gives a meditative quality to each piece, as if they have been distilled from chaos into a place of serenity.