Bel Air, Palm Springs – 150x150cm

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Original Canvas Painting
acrylic on italian linen

Gino Campagnaro

Palm Springs series

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Gino Campagnaro
Australian Artists
Poolside Palm Springs series

Gino Campagnaro’s latest paintings were inspired by the latest holiday to Palm Springs in 2019.It made him realise the beauty in isolation. The sun creating moody lights on the architecture and landscapes, people hiding inside air-conditioned mansions from sweltering heat. Everything seemed simple, in a complicated way.

Campagnaro paints with simple thick brush strokes and muted soft colours, providing space to detail a focal point of the painting. His aim is to make the complicated simple. His background in graphic art and fashion has led him to keep the edges, shadows and shapes simple and distinct, whilst keeping a thick painterly style to make it analogue and not digital.