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Like in nature the ‘OCTOPUS’ is a piece that one observes with respect, curiosity & admiration. placed tentacles & cunning sinister look depict a character of intelligent unpredictability as it appears to be ready to pounce off in any direction at any given moment. Like the ocean-based creature ‘OCTOPUS’ has a very specialized adaptive feature. Its skin surface is highly polished
stainless steel that could be paralleled to the real attributes of the ocean based creature. it has the ability to camouflage itself by mirroring its surroundings & avoiding being recognized by it’s potential predators.
Now that you are able to experience ‘OCTOPUS’ up close & personal, can you now judge & see beauty in that which one once thought was previously ugliness & perhaps dangerous?
‘OCTOPUS’ is a highly organic form that has been crafted to the highest detail & finish to highlight its
fluid sleekness and enhance the inherent qualities of the materials used in the manufacture.

Hand forged in 316 Stainless Steel, the form has luxurious curves and fine detail, yet this has been meticulously crafted by hand with hammers in the traditional forging methods employed for centuries.
However, the finishing of the piece is in itself a craft of significant proportions, involving grinding, linishing and the seemingly never ending polishing with finer and finer compounds to achieve a mirror finish.

The result, ‘OCTOPUS’ – a superbly crafted work of art that has effectively, an endless life, constructed out of a tireless medium that given the correct management will last indefinitely.