Greg Johns

Greg Johns has worked as a full-time sculptor for 38 years and has completed significant commissions throughout Australia, as well as in Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, Korea, England and Ireland. Since 1990 the main focus of his practise has been to develop an approach to making sculpture which is both conceptually and form-wise ‘Australian’ in feel. These forms arise from both a visual and a ‘beneath the surface’ or ‘felt’ reading of our extraordinary landscape. Alongside this work the round mandala forms have continued, changing in form, becoming more organic. These forms draw conceptually on both older belief systems and contemporary developments in physics and philosophy, often suggesting that a bridge should exist between the old and the new. Local flavour is important to Greg’s work, yet his sculpture also connects to ‘big picture’, universal themes. Greg works consistently to make a contribution to the development of sculpture in Australia and internationally.

Greg Johns has been awarded the 2023 Helen Lempriere Scholarship by Sculpture by the Sea, in the category of Senior Australian Sculptor.

Greg Johns, a full-time sculptor for nearly 50 years, has completed major commissions in Australia and internationally, as well as exhibiting annually in solo/major group shows in Australia, New York, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. A member of both the Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi and Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe Decade Clubs, Johns has participated at both exhibitions a combined 21 times.

Johns has run an independent sculpture and environmental landscape at Palmer in South Australia since 2001.

The Helen Lempriere Scholarship will fund new machinery and materials for Johns’ studio, and travel to Sydney and Melbourne to research sacred and contemporary sculpture.

Greg stated that, “I have worked 47 years full-time as a sculptor in Australia. The journey has been both a ‘hard fought’ and heartfelt one. I am genuinely grateful to receive the senior Helen Lempriere Scholarship, acknowledging my contribution to a sculptural sensibility, which reflects both the uniqueness of Australia and universal forces.”