My work touches on many different themes but generally I focus on bold imagery, vibrant colour and aim for visual impact rather than trying to make a statement I believe art should be fun. My composite assemblage pieces grab attention from a distance but offer more as the piece is viewed more closely.
I have applied my skills and knowledge of composite materials and challenged myself by keeping my layered style but pushing the boundaries as far as possible with mediums such as plywood, perspex, carbon fiber,epoxy resin, teak,treated MDF, masonite, Perspex, structural foam,carbon fiber , fiberglass, Kevlar,epoxy resin,polyester resin, enamel paint,acrylic paint,spray putty,electric light,canvas,paper collage.

I get pleasure from adapting these materials to my own art and knowing that the pieces have a lasting quality more like visual furniture.
My work has featured in several art publications including Australian Art Collector, Inside Out magazine and Australian Art Review - I have been involved in charity art auctions and represented at Art Fairs internationally.
I have built up an extensive exhibition history, participating in over 40 group shows, 5 solo exhibitions as well as being a 6 time finalist in the prestigious Mosman Art Prize.