Water Searchers 183x183cm

Conchita Carambano
Born in Europe to Spanish parents, Conchita hails from Sydney after having migrated in 1969 where over the last twenty years she has proceeded to make her indelible mark upon the Australian and International art market. Exhibiting extensively with numerous solo exhibitions and group shows to her name this painter has established herself as an abstract artist revered for her strongly individualized interpretations, and is regularly featured in art publications, reviews, and art awards. A favourite amongst the creative design industries, Conchita’s inspired interpretations elicit a boldly visceral response as this artist depicts her visions and thoughts, pushing inventiveness to the limit upon canvas and paper. Utilising mixed media, oil, acrylic and wax, Conchita studies her environment and draws inspiration from nature to produce engaging artworks characterized by organic forms and sensuous use of space, colour and symmetry.

Water Searchers

Mixed media on stretched canvas
Original Canvas Painting – 183x183cm




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