Infinity Summit – h372cm [limited/3]

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Hand-formed Stainless Steel #316

editions 3

Crafted from high grade stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, The Summit of Manhattan reinvents the traditional symbol of infinity. Viewers enter an exchange in which a bridge between worlds rises to a joint summit, its roots in mutual endeavour, abundance and shared success. The graceful form moreover references effigies of fertility, thereby linking the work to mankind’s earliest sculptural forms.

Arcing inclinations Evoke visions of ascent, Abundance and shared success.

additional sculptures
140x225x67 – editions 15
31x50x15 – editions 25


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Todd Stuart
Australian Sculpture

The Majority of Todd’s Stainless-Steel sculpture are highly scalable.   Todd creates his sculptures at both interior table-top sizes up to large scale exterior sculpture suitable for commercial placements