Raging Bull in Stainless-Steel [Giant]

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Stainless-Steel Sculpture
Bull sculpture
optional marble base

  • h. 250cm – limited edition of 7

enquire for custom-sized commissions

  • 26x20cm -limited edition of 100
  • 56x36cm – limited edition of 45
  • 108x56cm – limited edition of 25
    Corten Steel & Bronze are also available

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Todd Stuart
Australian sculptor

Raging Bull has been created as an honest statement and mascot for the Australian stock market. This Australian Sculpture styling is analogous for the Australian market – progressive, strong and self-sustaining. Modern cubist lines promote minimal, but progressive, styling, and the use of long lasting materials, enforces this timeless nature of this piece. The lower stance of the head, and the horns angled forward, and the angry expression on its face suggest the “ready to charge” position of the market. The front right leg is also bent, about to commence propulsion forward, and the big, low-hanging male anatomy threatens all those who pass by without action. All parts of the Bull are naturally gleaming from the use of high quality materials and suggesting Australia’s own market shines in all areas, effortlessly attracting global attention.

Hand forged in Bronze on a crafted marble base, the form has luxurious curves and fine detail, yet this has been meticulously crafted by hand in the traditional forging methods employed for centuries.

The result, ‘Raging Bull’– a superbly crafted sculpture that has effectively, an endless life, constructed out of a tireless medium that given the correct management will last indefinitely.