Close and Personal 60x180cm

Alexandra Spyratos  Artist/Painter 

Close and Personal

Mixed media on canvas -60x180cm

Influenced by her colourful background, translating the heat and the exotic beauty of the African
wildlife to canvas has become Spyratos’ passion and spiritual goal. This prolific Australian
international artist has become known for her bold and individual style. Her paintings rich and
textured with variegated gold, copper leaf and pure coloured silver, recreate the physicality of the
wild that inspires her.
With forty-two solo shows behind her (Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Gold Coast Australia, New
York, London, Milan, Miami, Hong Kong, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Greece, Portugal, Spain,
Venice, Vienna, Geneva, Zurich), Alexandra continues to expand her creative world, exploring and
evolving in her individual contemporary style.

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