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Our collection of large-scale abstract canvas art from local Australian artists is an ever-evolving showcase of vibrant and powerful artworks of variety, style, subject and finishes. The abstract artists represented by SOHO are experts of media manipulation, each with unique techniques and process. View works from artists such as Conchita Carambano, Zoe Ellenberg, Michael Whitehead & Miertje Skidmore.

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Abstract art depicts the painter’s vision using composition form and line to explore ideas without the burden of rules or boundaries. A beautiful thing about abstract art is its openness to interpretation, it doesn’t declare what It is. Instead, requiring you to open your mind; you have to enter the painting and feel where it takes you. It empowers you with the freedom in exploration. Abstract art brings together colour, shape and form to convey visual ideas in an expressionistic manner. By moving away from depicting reality, abstract art focuses more on visual qualities to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. From abstract pop art canvas to abstract canvas wall art, we have all types of artworks for different tastes.

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