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" Art Soho Pop Up Space"
by ART SOHO Galleries
22-09-2018 - 30-09-2018

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"Towards the Clouds Exhibition"
23-09-2018 - 13-10-2018

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" Art at Frame 88 Willoughby "
by ART SOHO Galleries
24-09-2018 - 30-10-2018

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"Manifesto of Dreams : Graeme Balchin"

30-09-2016 - 31-10-2016

Patron Saint Dymphna

Exhibition Comments:

Manifesto of Dreams by Graeme Balchin

Imaginative Realism

Artist Statement:

Graeme Balchin  (11/12/48-18/7/18)

Contemporary figurative Paintings -Imaginative Realism  

Graeme's greatest passion in painting, was the learning. 

Learning what can be achieved with paint and colour seemed to be an endless journey for him. 

The collecting of new methods and techniques that gave better and better results in his works.

His favored subject, young women, he said  is because,  they are the hardest to paint. 

The luminosity of the flesh colours was so challenging and playing with the chiaroscuro effect was challenging. 

One only has to see his paintings in the flesh to see his achievements in this area.

Having studied in many art schools in his early days he still preferred self teaching,  on his own admitting to be mainly self taught.

(Learning is a slow process taking weeks to paint one painting just to try out one idea that may or may not work 

and may ruin the entire painting. So progress is slow.)

He had studied at Paddington Art School 1986, Pennant Hills Life Drawing 1987, Sydney Art Station 1988, 

Julian Ashtons Art School Sydney p/t (drawing, painting,etching), 

Studied Etching at Duck Print, Professional Trade - Sign-writer.

After having a successful exhibition in October 2016, Graeme had been asked to have further exhibitions in 2018.

Previous Soho Galleries exhibitions- Immaculate Perception, February 2012

New Works Exhibition, September 2013

Manifesto of Dreams - October, 2016

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Graeme Balchin Art Visuals Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcBGraeme Balchin Art

Forthcoming exhibition -  'Dying To See' Gosford Regional Gallery,  Opening November 30, Exhibition December 1 to January 30 2019


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View all work by GRAEME BALCHIN