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" Abstract Art - Amica Whincop Exhibition"
25-05-2018 - 01-06-2018

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"ArtPark at D'Arenberg Winery 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
26-05-2018 - 27-07-2018

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"ArtPark Exhibition at D'Arenberg 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
29-05-2018 - 20-07-2018

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"HU MING & FRIENDS Exhibiting Level One Open Gallery "

05-07-2013 - 13-07-2013

Exhibition Comments:


Participating artists,

Hu Ming; Wang Lan; Yuman Zeng; Liu Haion

Exhibition of contemporary  paintings 

Preview Saturday May 25, 6 to 8pm

Guest speaker JIAWEI SHEN

Further information to follow on the website.

Artist Statement:


Commissioned works on application

Chinese immigrants began to trickle into Australia in 1940. Nowadays men and women of Chinese ethnicity contribute greatly to the life of Australia particularly in the Valley of the Arts. There is growing interest in Asian Art with both private and public art galleries intensifying the now long pursuit ties with Asia, which is having a far greater social and artistic effect on our community. There is a new face in the wave of established Asian Artists. HU Ming is a pioneer in her field being diverse in combining both modem and classical styles. There is a blend of exotic, strange, humorous and above all mysterious in her art. She merges a conscious sense of post modernism and element of sub-culturalism. The Cultural Games of Sydney 2002 has joined forces with this adventure of the Asian Art World to exhibit her work at the W Hotel on the 2, October to showcase to the public how she is changing our image of Chinese Art. 

Her paintings express dearly her worship of the female form depicting both physical strength and feminine beauty. Her works are not of a planned process born of her dreams and represents an accumulation of her diverse experiences.  She has held exhibitions in Japan and Singapore with her paintings being sold to buyers in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. 

In 1970 at the age of 15 she joined the Chinese Army. Her mother and father both served in the army as Doctors. She was eventually promoted to the rank of Major after 20 years continuous service. Hu Ming began her army training as a nurse. Whilst still in the army she studied art and graduated in 1983 from The Fine Arts College of 7‑janfin where she majored in traditional Chinese painting. She further developed her skills sufficiently to become a scenic artist, costume designer and production designer in the Chinese military film studio. As a part of her training Hu Ming studied extensively at the ultimate shrine to Buddhism in Dun Huang. Here she traced a large number of cave paintings, which helps her perfect her skills in traditional figure painting. One of Hu Ming's works was added to the collection of the Tiarijin Museum.

She moved to Australia in 2000 and is a permanent resident, exhibiting in China, Australia and Germany.

                 Commissioned works on application



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