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" Art Soho Pop Up Space"
by ART SOHO Galleries
22-09-2018 - 30-09-2018

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"Towards the Clouds Exhibition"
23-09-2018 - 13-10-2018

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" Art at Frame 88 Willoughby "
by ART SOHO Galleries
24-09-2018 - 30-10-2018

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"Contemporary Paintings"

01-04-2018 - 31-05-2018


Exhibition Comments:


Soho Galleries Showrooms

The description of my work is impressionist landscape with a leaning towards abstraction. Unlike most impressionists I am more interested in structural details not vistas. I enjoy investigating the bones  of nature, dissecting and extracting strong linear forms.

The paint is applied in a loosely layered and thatched technique. I like to build the format up and to then wipe it away and also paint out previously painted areas. This enhances the depth, reflectiveness  and creating vague shadows and rhythms. Paint dribbles, loose brushwork, rough

And smooth surfaces, expansive spaces opaque washes of earthy colours, intimate the seasons.

The only way to reach my home and studio on a bushland hillside is via boat over an ever-changing body of water. This has had a profound influence on the work. The moods of the river have become part of my being, inevitably mirrored in the way water and its reflections have gradually becoming a key element in my paintings.

My work is now taking on a more rhythmical  quality culminating in an abstract format of strength and experience, a result of a maturing of my visual language.

Artist Statement:

27 Landscapes from the Life of Ben Hall Exhibition

The gold fever that gripped the New South Wales population in the 1850s and 60s brought people flooding into the Forbes district, who were housed, by necessity, in a giant tent city.

The wealth of the area led to the development of the substantial hotels, churches and other civic and private buildings that grace the Central West town of Forbes today.

All kinds of people, seeking their fortune in a variety of ways, were obviously attracted to the area. Long- time criminals, Frank Gardiner and John Gilbert, acted as catalysts for the brief but spectacular bushranging career of Ben Hall, who began associating with them in 1862. His 3 year spree turned him into one of Australias most notorious bushrangers.

It is presumed that Ben, resentful and rebellious against society, took up bushranging when his wife Bridget left their marriage of 8 years, taking with her his much-loved son, Henry.

 At this time, they had been squatting on a back country cattle run 48 Km south of Forbes, near The Pinnacle.

The incidents linked to Ben Hall number in the hundreds, but the following Australian firsts contributed significantly to his notoriety:

         The attempted daylight robbery of the bank in Carcoar.

         The largest gold robbery in Australias history, when the gold escort was bailed up at Eugowra Rocks, east of Forbes.

Halls career ended ignominiously on May 5th 1865 at Billabong Creek near Forbes. It is assumed that betrayal by a friend led the police party of 8 to trap him while he was alone and living rough in the bush. At least 30 shots were fired into his body, with reports that he did not fire back, although armed.

The killing was controversial, because although Hall had been declared an outlaw, the papers confirming his status had not been signed by the Governor of the state.

He was buried in the cemetery in Forbes, just 2 days before his 28th birthday.

John Gilbert, who had been declared an outlaw, was cornered and shot dead by police at Binalong, 8 days after the death of Ben Hall.

John Dunn, declared an outlaw, was captured 6 months after Halls death. He was tried and hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol in Sydney on the 19th of March 1866.

Frank Gardiner was captured in Queensland, spent 10 years of a 32 year sentence in gaol and was subsequently deported to the United States.

I give special thanks to Peter Bradley, Margaret Lockett and Craig Bratley,  for their invaluable help and guidance in the long and fascinating exploration of the life of Ben Hall, with its many unexpected turns and  serendipidous  encounters.

Visual    CHRIS KENYON EXHIBITION                         



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