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" Abstract Art - Amica Whincop Exhibition"
25-05-2018 - 01-06-2018

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"ArtPark at D'Arenberg Winery 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
26-05-2018 - 27-07-2018

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"ArtPark Exhibition at D'Arenberg 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
29-05-2018 - 20-07-2018

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"Contemporary Figurative Sculpture "

04-03-2018 - 30-05-2018


Exhibition Comments:

Soho Galleries Waterloo 

Artist Statement:



View all work by ZYGMUNT LIBUCHA

It's 27 years since my son and I came to Australia. We didn't arrive here barefoot (contrary to the photo in the news article), but I did need help and was amazed to discover how generous this country was. The picture was taken a couple of weeks later - the Opera House was, for us, the eighth wonder of the world.

We landed in the country on a Saturday and were taken to Villawood migrant centre. I couldn't wait to start a new life. Having been a successful silversmith in Poland, I went to look for work on Monday. On Tuesday I was working for myself at a bench in a jeweller's workshop, rent free - the ultimate act of goodwill. I found an untapped market for quality Australiana and sold my work all over the country.

Working for many years as a silversmith I developed a great need for details and even now when I sculpt on a larger scale I cannot divorce myself from it. Although the amount of time I spend on each sculpture increases enormously, the more it takes the better. I guess I want to enjoy every piece of stone as long as possible. I love to carve in marble the most accurate and crisp lines and the unforgiveness of stone makes it more challenging. I mainly work in Carrara or Black Chillagoe marble.

All sculptures in the catalogue are created in Brisbane. Marble sculptures are obviously one-of-a-kind. Bronze sculptures are in edition of 25 or 50, depending on the size. Many pieces are available for immediate sale, if not, the casting of bronzes and finishing them may take up to 6 weeks.

Artwork visual and artwork enquiries on application.  Commissioned works on application. 

View all works in this exhibition by ZYGMUNT LIBUCHA
View all work by ZYGMUNT LIBUCHA