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" Abstract Art - Amica Whincop Exhibition"
25-05-2018 - 01-06-2018

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"ArtPark at D'Arenberg Winery 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
26-05-2018 - 27-07-2018

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"ArtPark Exhibition at D'Arenberg 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
29-05-2018 - 20-07-2018

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"Contemporary Paintings"

11-03-2018 - 30-05-2018


Exhibition Comments:


Artist Statement:

 Contemporary Paintings at Soho Galleries and Chifley Foyers 

Driving back from the optometrist after being told that I had a cataract appearing on my right eye, I spent some time thinking about Monets late garden paintings prior to his cataract operation. What I liked about them is the jumbled, muddled and fused edges, with a colour palate which battled for supremacy.

Some months later whilst having lunch, I found myself staring through a beautiful spray of red roses, augmented by gold wrapped Ferrero Roche chocolates presented in a cellophane wrapped basket which was to be given to a dear friend for her 60th birthday.

My vision was blurred as I tried to peer through the heads of roses to the white background beyond, becoming more absorbed in the way I was seeing, I began to purposely blur my vision even more.

What happened next was truly exciting. There appeared a fantastic arrangement of blended colour and unusual shapes that did not exhibit a definite edge, that most art school students, myself included, had struggled to capture in earnest during their art school drawing classes and here I was suddenly rejoicing that there were no edges. Immediately I recognised that I was crossing a visual path that I was keen to make much more of rather than surrendering the image as a passing glance.

Reaching for the camera, I began to shoot the images out of focus to exaggerate once again what I saw as being really unusual. Eighteen months later I began my attempts to describe this quirky visual effect, it was necessary to radically alter my painting method to employ finger painting, air brush and spattering in order to achieve the desired effect I was chasing. I fancy the latest suite of paintings may well be the signature to a new series of work... Soft Edge.

Paul Battams 2016

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