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" Abstract Art - Amica Whincop Exhibition"
25-05-2018 - 01-06-2018

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"ArtPark at D'Arenberg Winery 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
26-05-2018 - 27-07-2018

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"ArtPark Exhibition at D'Arenberg 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
29-05-2018 - 20-07-2018

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"Abstraction by Definition at Chifley Foyers"

09-05-2017 - 27-05-2017


Exhibition Comments:

Exhibiting Soho Galleries and Chifley Foyers

Artist Statement:

CONTEMPORARY PAINTINGS Exhibiting at Soho Galleries

Artist Statement

In my work I am interested in exploring poetics and order in nature. I attempt to create formal paintings with analogies to music such as rhythm, harmony, tonality and counterpoint. These reflect the movements and moods evocative of the landscape.  Informed by Christian Theology, Islamic Art and Architecture, Modern Art and Aboriginal Desert Painting, my art making explores the tensions and relationships between image and abstraction, object and symbol, Order and Chaos, formality and expression. I prefer to evoke rather than describe to allow an open communication through my work. I am particularly influenced by painters of light and structure who create contemplative works, such as  Hokusai, Morandi, Diebenkhorn, Rothko and Callum Innes. My paintings are made by staining the canvas with successive washes to achieve depth and luminosity through colour and tonal modulation. Geometric structure underlies and contains a multitude of incidences. This process reflects my vision of nature as infinitely variable within a given structure that reveals a divine order.  

Enzo Santoro by Marie Geissler

Enzo Santoros paintings are harmonious impressions of the natural world that draw from his fascination with nature, its, forms, textures and light. He draws inspiration from an intimate knowledge of the work of Georgio Morandi and Mark Rothko creating luminous tactile surfaces that like theirs express a delicate sensuality and optically compelling vibrancy. In Santoros expression however, meaning is generated using a vocabulary of  linear geometries  that seem at once to be both coming into being, but also disappearing. Visible and invisible are delicately balanced. Yet such is the skill in his subtle orchestration of tone that his compositional balance communicates a unity and stillness, a meditative reality that transcends time and place.

   by Marie Geissler



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View all work by ENZO SANTORO