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BIG LAGOON by Daniel Romaine
Artwork ID 3813
Title BIG LAGOON by Daniel Romaine
Dimensions 80x140cm
Description Acrylic on linen
Big Lagoon is a series of magnificent tranquil lagoons located just outside of Denham in Western Australia. This picturesque waterway is a spectacular and peaceful location in Francois Peron National Park.
Sitting on the shore I watched the abundant marine life frolic in the shallow waters.
I aspire to produce artworks that people look at and see the image as clearly as I do “Like a photo in the mind” and then feel the peaceful energy of the natural landscape that has been shaped by the elements over time. With every new painting I challenge myself to a more difficult use of technique to create an accurate representation of the landscape I see in my vision.

In the painting “Big Lagoon” I experimented with more random dot configurations and dot direction as well as a large number of colour changes to display the images colour and texture variations.

Price "Provided On Application"
Status For Sale
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