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Artwork ID 4036
Dimensions 100x140cm
Description Daniel Romaine Artwork
Acrylic on canvas
Story,Most elements of his work are intrinsically related to landscape where flora and fauna and ancient landforms provide a rich source of inspiration. His paintings show intricate mapping of a myriad of places and events in abstract form. Daniel�s care and dedication to producing fine, detailed work allows him to create only a limited number of pieces each year and he tends to work in �bursts� with long periods of reflection between. His main influence comes from the shapes, colours and textures of the landscapes. The unique contrasting areas he has seen on his travels appear in his paintings � ranging from the stark red desert in Western Australia to the rich ocean life surrounding Palm Island.
Coo-ee Aboriginal Gallery and Soho Galleries Exhibiting at Chifley Foyer 2015
Price "Provided On Application"
Status For Sale
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