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" Art Soho Pop Up Space"
by ART SOHO Galleries
22-09-2018 - 30-09-2018

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"Towards the Clouds Exhibition"
23-09-2018 - 13-10-2018

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" Art at Frame 88 Willoughby "
by ART SOHO Galleries
24-09-2018 - 30-10-2018

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                                MATT                                   WOOF whitespacer MATT WOOF

Contemporary Sculpture 

With a fascination for metals and the alchemy of the casting process, I have chosen forms that provide strong contrast between polished and more deeply textural surfaces, which metals are uniquely able to demonstrate. The latest source of work has centred around the use of overlooked, discarded or otherwise unappreciated objects, who lend themselves to interpretive work. The seeking process is time consuming and only rarely “bears fruit”, giving the objects a sense of preciousness from the outset. These are then sandblasted, cast, ground, sanded and polished by hand. The discovery process continues as stone is sought to accompany the individual piece, which is again hand worked.

Utilising metals primarily found in industrial applications, along with the sand casting process, has driven an unpredictable and instinctual source of work, with many pieces resisting and even defying preconceived outcomes. Surrendering control to a process that I am only a participant in, has been deeply satisfying, as it has been an affront to the controlling ego. In this relinquishing, it is my hope that the participant will also seek a greater intimacy with the unknown and the awe of relentless coincidence.


Some 10 years have passed since I first toyed with the idea of a vessel that held the possibility of projecting human consciousness, 

beyond the banal, into alternate dimensions. Where these dimensions existed were, as yet undiscovered.

However, the prospect of realms where oceans of the unconditional remained unchartered enthralled me.

The idea deepened and slowly took root, but challenged long held ideologies, and talk of this grew suspicion and anxiety 

in those around me. Fear was manifested, and psychiatrists were called.

The inexplicable is what followed, and a confinement to Rozelle hospital gave me months of unbridled freedom to charter these waters, 

and this I did, in earnest.

What you see here is a representation of that vessel and what was effectively a piece of discarded flotsam, now elevated and 

transformed, to be a reminder of that place. A place devoid of fear and of doubt, devoid of ceaseless wanting and superficial appetites. 

A place not “out there”, but “in here” … a place remembered.

Exhibitions at Soho Galleries by MATT WOOF
FORMWORKS EXHIBITION - 17-02-2017 to 09-03-2017
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3 Teeth I Pulled from the Dragon's Mouth After Wrestling it to the Ground
3 Teeth I Pulled from the Dragon's Mouth After Wrestling it to the Ground