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" ArtWalk Gallery Map Waterloo"
25-02-2018 - 31-03-2018

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"ArtPark Sculpture at the Wharf 2018"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
01-03-2018 - 15-03-2018

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"Contemporary Figurative Sculpture "
01-03-2018 - 31-03-2018

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                                                   MICHAEL                                                    VAYNMAN whitespacer MICHAEL VAYNMAN



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It is about the poetic, the indefinable aesthetic, and the notion of beauty as expressed through the 3D medium of sculpture. 

"I create sculpture that explores notions of beauty, the Sublime and that indefinable, poetic aesthetic of the human condition.
My interest is in the synthesis of geometries with organic forms such as the human figure. The structure of my work lays in the interplay of line and shape and how that relates to the entirety of the whole form. The main intention of my art is to bring quiet contemplation to the mind and involve the person in the aesthetic experience". 

Born to a family of artists, Michael Vaynman has participated in exhibitions since the age of ten. He excelled in sculpture, printmaking, painting and drawing. However sculpture became his focus ten years ago and he has never looked back.

Michael has worked in numerous mediums such as clay, plaster, synthetic resins and steel. However stainless steel and bronze are his preferred mediums.

Recently his sculptures were selected for, and now feature in the film Maos Last Dancer

Michael produces all his own bronzes, overseeing each process from start to finish. His skill with the materials has led him to lend his expertise in bronze casting and patination to many of Sydneys other well known sculptors.

Exhibitions at Soho Galleries by MICHAEL VAYNMAN
Contemporary Sculpture - 07-08-2017 to 31-08-2017
Artworks from "Contemporary Sculpture " Exhibition
                                              MV The Ark
MV The Ark
                                           MV Sunbather
MV Sunbather
                                   MV Atlantis
MV Atlantis


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