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" Art at Frame 88 Willoughby "
by ART SOHO Galleries
24-09-2018 - 30-10-2018

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" Art at Headland Gallery Mosman"
by ART SOHO Galleries
24-09-2018 - 30-10-2018

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" Andrew Rogers Sculpture "
25-09-2018 - 31-12-2018

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                                                       FIL                                                   MICHELS whitespacer FIL MICHELS


I could not write this biography without first giving recognition to Jane Raffin of Orange, for granting me my first exhibitions in Orange and Dubbo at the age of 20 years old and for also directing me towards what was to become many years of studies in the Arts.

Also, to my first art teacher Barry Gazzard, my tutor in Fine Arts oils at Mitchell College of Advanced Education, Bathurst. I was fortunate to have Barry as both mentor and tutor for four years. He inspired me with a love of the discipline and perspective in art and introduced me to the philosophy of art I still adhere to today, through an appreciation of the works of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy.

Further to Lyndal Crisp of The Australian newspaper for introducing me to Elwyn Lynn a renowned artist and curator, who gave me the courage and determination to remain absolutely true to my own artistic techniques and style.

As aforementioned, during my early years (1970s and 80s) I have exhibited in many areas of Australia, from the central west of Dubbo, Orange and Mudgee regional galleries, to Western Australia, Coolgardie and Kalgoolie as well as taking a position as the artist in residence to the court of Prince Leonard at The Hutt River Province in W.A. at aged 24.

My 30s to mid 40s saw another change in lifestyle, as I became a prolific artist, regularly receiving commissions, (studies in oils) of a surrealistic nature,  with additional support studies in portraiture and developing a whole series of mechanical lithographic prints (studies in historical and rural Australiana).

From my mid forties to now, I have had been involved in several exhibitions, in the Blue Mountains  Alleyway Art, Penrith Lewers Bequest Gallery and The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre,  Campbelltown Fishers Ghost Art Prize and The Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst. I have also undertaken several commissions in the passed three years with what has become my signature style, NEO-CLASSICAL POST-SURREALISM.

All my works thematic content is drawn from my passion and knowledge of Australian history, both indigenous and colonial. This however, is often juxtaposed with European, Roman, Greek  and Christian lore featuring events of historical significance or perhaps just reflecting symbolically the resonating nuances and foibles of the human condition that have cross-cultural significance.

Exhibitions at Soho Galleries by FIL MICHELS
Contemporary Paintings - 08-07-2018 to 16-09-2018
Artworks from "Contemporary Paintings" Exhibition


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