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" Sculpture at the Wharf"
by ARTPARK Australia Sculpture
20-01-2018 - 16-03-2018

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" ArtSoho Headland Gallery Mosman"
22-01-2018 - 02-02-2018

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"Pacific Sculpture "
01-02-2018 - 16-03-2018

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                                                     AMICA                                                      WHINCOP whitespacer AMICA WHINCOP


Life is so damn messy. It requires a constant effort to find balance amidst the unpredictability

and chaos of life. Nature becomes the place I turn to where the chaos becomes calm and the

contradictions find balance. My art-making reflects this constant search to capture the beauty,

tranquility, and balance inspired by the rhythms and energy of the natural world. The mystery

and the wonder that emerges become sources of endless inspiration.

My process starts with spontaneous drips, pours, and washes on canvas using water-based

paints and inks. My own fluid movements work in harmony with the fluidity of the materials. I

utilize water, gravity, and air pressure to create color and texture that evoke natural processes

and formations. Once I create a rich underpainting, I decide what needs to stay and what needs

to go. Using white paint, I work intuitively to mask out areas that feel distracting or unnecessary.

This process is an act of letting go. The result allows beautiful new forms to emerge that float in

a soothing, meditative space.

In truth, the underpainting is still there, as in life, we can only escape the noise and find balance

by focusing our attention on what really matters.

Exhibitions at Soho Galleries by AMICA WHINCOP
Soho Group Exhibition - 11-12-2017 to 01-02-2018
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Enveloped by Infinity 2
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